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Know the Risk of a Link

SEO: a land of mirages

In their race for money, thousands of companies around the world struggle to get their websites to top positions on Google rankings. They know well - and if they don't, they don't now anything at all - that from Google's second page forth, it's pretty much economic graveyard. They all want to be a customer's first choice, they all want the spotlight. 

Wherever there's customer demand - or corporative demand - service providers will swarm trying to convince companies that their services are their best choice, just the same way such companies will try to convince their own clients. SEO providers will try to flashlight companies and dazzle them with their best offering, unbeatable prices and unmatchable results. Of course, companies themselves should know better than anyone that sometimes providers do not sell what they promise, and excessive or unwise faith in their products could lead to a letdown. Surprisingly, some companies actually don't, and one after another they fall for false promises and hire services that actually backfire and can even make them loose rank overnight.

The Internet is full of webmasters moping and doping over their lost ranking and complaning about one of their worst nightmares ever, "bad SEO". For people who aren't familiar with these terms, you just have to explain it as follows: "you pay a bunch of guys to tell everyone your company's great, and somehow everyone starts believing it's actually awful".

It's really difficult to tell bad SEO providers from good SEO providers at first sight. The general rule for first impressions is: the more they promise, the worst signal it is. There is no magic in Google algorythms, and nobody can ever improve your ranking overnight. Cheap services aren't a red flag for bad services themselves - some expensive SEO offices can actually do a lot of harm. You have to understand that the best SEO is a work of patience and perseverance. The only good results on link building and traffic building that you will see in a matter of days are the ones that can crumble down as fast as they rise, just as a poorly made skyscraper. 

The deceit of massive backlinks

Many people with little knowledge could tell you that SEO 101 is about building a huge base of backlins here and there and everywhere. Google's math isn't as simple, though - if it was, it wouldn't have made Google what it is. 

Truth is, some backlinks can actually be harmful for your SEO. These are the nasty and deeply hated "toxic backlinks", sed in unrelated domains or poorly rated domains. They're like having good references from companies with awful references themselves: they are actually pretty bad references. And they're also easy to get, so many SEO companies base their efforts into spreading links to your webpage around those Internet dumps. Would you like that? Well, if you are wise, you wouldn't. At all.

These links, if abundant enough, can kill your website's ranking. The best thing you can do for your site is to make them go, one by one. And that sounds like an awful lot of work to do - and it IS. First of all, you have to check one domain by one and try to guess which links aren't a good thing for you, and then contact the domain's webmaster and try to make them erase those links. It's difficult and doing it blindly doesn't help. So what can you do to change this situation if you find yourself drowning in a horrible link network?

Hire a link audit service

Link audit services will scan every single one of you backlinks and show you where they are and which ones are lowering your PR. Now, do they just give you a long list of domains so you can spend an endless time working with it? Well, some do. Others, luckily, will do that job for you.

Let's take the example of Link Audit (click here for the company's website). This is one of those companies that won't only detect toxic backlinks but also take the time to elliminate them one by one. Not only that; the company has great reviews by Trustpilot as well as reviews by Sitejabber, and offers a very complete link audit service. It will run an intelligent annalysis on each backlink and detect which ones are indexed and which ones are dead. Therefore, the results will be much more exact. This company is run by people with many years of experience in SEO and Internet marketing, so you can expect an expert treatment on your problems, with an expert solution.

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